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Integrative medicine involves attempting to identify and address the root causes of disease in a comprehensive, thorough, individualized, and evidence-based fashion, using means that are direct, effective, and safe. Given that lifestyle factors (e.g., poor diet, physical inactivity, chronic stress, etc) play a key role in the development of many if not most chronic diseases, integrative medicine focuses a great deal on lifestyle modification as a means of preventing, ameliorating, and/or reversing disease. It generally involves combining the use of conventional treatment methods (i.e., prescription medications and procedural interventions) and more ‘natural’ treatment methods (e.g., dietary modification, exercise, stress management, etc), hence the term integrative medicine

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+ Collaborative, viewing the patient as an equal partner in the healing process
+ Patient-centred versus disease-centred
+ Highly individualized, recognizing the importance of biochemical individuality
+ Rigorously focused on addressing root causes
+ Focused on increasing physiological resilience and metabolic reserve to help prevent disease

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In London, Ontario, the horizon of healthcare is broadening with the integration of integrative medicine into mainstream healthcare systems. This approach is particularly relevant for the city’s diverse population, which benefits from treatments tailored to individual lifestyles and holistic well-being. London’s medical facilities and wellness centers are increasingly incorporating modalities such as naturopathy, yoga therapy, and herbal medicine alongside conventional treatments. This fusion of traditional and modern medicine not only caters to a wider array of health issues but also aligns with the community’s growing interest in sustainable and preventive health measures. Dr. Matthew Johnson offers patients a solution from the comfort of their homes. Contact us to book your integrative medicine consultation online.

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The focus of my practice is on putting together highly individualized treatment regimens that can be safely implemented alongside the conventional medical treatments being prescribed by your primary care provider and/or specialist(s), intended not only to help address the medical condition for which you’ve sought treatment, but to improve your overall health, reduce your risk of chronic disease generally, and get you feeling your best. Whether you are in London or another area in Ontario – we can help with your health condition.

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