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Interested in scheduling a consultation? Excellent, welcome aboard! However, before you book, please note the following:

#1 The focus of Dr Johnson’s treatment approach is generally on non-pharmacologic measures, including lifestyle modification and targeted nutritional supplementation.

#2 Dr Johnson does not provide primary care in the context of his integrative medicine practice.

#3 Dr Johnson limits his practice to the assessment and treatment of specific medical conditions/issues (click HERE). Please do not schedule a consultation for a medical condition/issue that is not listed or for a medical condition/issue that is listed but which has not been firmly diagnosed by a medical doctor or nurse practitioner. If you do so, Dr Johnson will not proceed with the consultation.

The only exceptions to this rule include:

  • Medical conditions that a person can self-diagnose, including chronic fatigue, overweight/obesity, premenstrual syndrome, and sarcopenia;
  • Hormone replacement therapy for perimenopausal/menopausal hormone changes;
  • Testosterone replacement therapy for low testosterone (note: if you suspect that you have low testosterone but this hasn’t been verified, Dr Johnson will touch base with you to inquire about your symptoms and will arrange for bloodwork prior to proceeding with a full consultation as there is no sense in proceeding with a consultation for TRT for low testosterone if you don’t in fact have low testosterone!).
  • Thyroid hormone replacement (specifically T3/T4 combination therapy in patients already on thyroid hormone replacement);
  • Bodybuilder and Athlete Support Program; and
  • Chronic disease prevention (obviously, as there is no diagnosis!)

#4 Integrative medicine is not a service covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) and you are therefore responsible for paying for services rendered.

#5 In order to schedule a first appointment, you will be required to pay a deposit in the amount of 50% of the 1-hour appointment fee or $125. This fee will be refunded if you need to cancel the appointment and do so, via phone or email, at least 48 hours prior to the appointment date/time. This fee will not be refunded if you do not attend/miss the appointment or cancel the appointment, for any reason, less that 48 hours prior to the appointment date/time.

#6 Your booking will not be considered confirmed until you have signed and submitted the Informed Consent to Treatment and the Consent to Use Virtual Care Tools.
You must consent to the terms above.
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