Bodybuilder and Athlete Support Program

Do you use anabolic steroids or other performance enhancing drugs?

Do you find it difficult or impossible to speak openly with your healthcare provider about your use of performance enhancing drugs?

Are you interested in working with a doctor who will listen to you, without judgment, and help you optimize your health and reduce your chances of coming to harm as a result of your use of performance enhancing drugs?

If so, you’ve definitely come to the right place! I’m passionate about bodybuilding and fitness and thoroughly enjoy working with bodybuilders and athletes to come up with innovative and evidence-based integrative treatment regiments designed to mitigate the risk of adverse effects associated with performance enhancing drug use.

Prior to scheduling an appointment, it is important that you read through the extensive FAQs on this topic so that you have a solid understanding of what I do and do not offer patients who are interested in this service.


Visit my FAQ page for detailed insights into my integrative approach to medicine and comprehensive answers to all your health-related questions.

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