Thyroid Hormone Replacement

Are you on levothyroxine (T4) for hypothyroidism and continuing to experience symptoms of hypothyroidism, including fatigue, low mood, and/or difficulty losing weight?

Have you been told that “it can’t be your thyroid” because your TSH is in range?

Are you interested in exploring an alternative approach to thyroid hormone replacement?

If so, I’m glad we found each other! While most patients with hypothyroidism do well on T4 monotherapy, others continue to experience signs and symptoms potentially consistent with inadequately controlled hypothyroidism. Some of these patients feel better and experience a resolution of these signs and symptoms with the use of T3/T4 combination therapy, in which low doses of T3 are used alongside T4.

For more information on T3/T4 combination therapy, please see the extensive FAQs on this topic.


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